What we want

Our vision is a profitable business sector without climate impact.


The Haga Initiative is a business network that strives to reduce emissions from the business sector and highlight the climate issue by showing that ambitious climate strategies leads to increased profitability and business advantages. The Haga Initiative aim is to show that it is profitable for companies to take active responsibility for the climate.

The Haga Initiative believes that high ambitions to combat climate change holds great potential for Swedish companies and make us internationally competitive on the global market.

All companies in the Haga Initiative are committed to reducing their emissions by 40 percent by 2020. This does not inhibit corporate competitiveness – on the contrary. Nationally, Sweden has managed to maintain the link between reduced emissions and increased economic growth, this is something Sweden can highlight the EU. There are opportunities in the transition and the Haga Initiative wants to highlight these. The Haga Initiative encourages a climate policy based on the motto “sustainability, credibility and predictability”.