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Sweden Has Shown That Climate Action And Economic Growth Are Absolutely Linked

An increasing number of companies see profitability and business opportunities in reducing their climate impact and respond to growing demand for sustainable solutions. The challenge of climate change requires policies and leadership that create opportunities for the business sector to use this to turn risks into opportunities. The US now... Läs mer»

Interview: Lord Nicholas Stern

The Haga Initiative have interviewed Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the Stern Report, President of the British Academy; Co-Chair of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. What bold actions do you want to see from business for a low carbon economy? -          Declaring dates when they are going to go net... Läs mer»
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CEOs of the Haga Initiative – it´s possible to become emission free sooner

The CEOs of the Haga Initiative recently published an op-ed, in leading Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter, declaring that Sweden and other Nordic countries can, and should, become emission free 2040, five years ahead of the climate goal set by the Swedish government. ”Sweden should become emission free sooner –... Läs mer»

Seminar in Washington on April 21st

Welcome to the seminar Business Opportunities for the Climate and Economy in Washington, arranged by the Haga Initiative together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Sweden), The New Climate Economy, World Resources Institute and the Embassy of Sweden in Washington. When: April 21 , 2017 Where: House of Sweden, Washington Participants: - Isabella Lövin, Sweden’s... Läs mer»
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Interview: Göran Holm, CEO, HKScan Sweden

You have been a part of the Haga Initiative since its beginning, and you will during the spring quit as CEO of HKScan. HKScan has set a target of being fossil free until 2030 – why is it important to work with the climate change issue? -In short, responsibility and... Läs mer»

Interview: Anders Strålman, CEO, Axfood

You have been a part of the Haga Initiative since its beginning, but this spring you will step down from your role as CEO of Axfood. Why is it important for Axfood to work with the climate change issue? - Climate change is one of the great challenges of humanity.... Läs mer»

The Haga Initiative new partner in We Mean Business

The Haga Initiative enters into partnership with the global coalition We Mean Business, which is a coalition of organizations working with thousands of the world’s most influential businesses and investors. The coalition aims to amplify the business voice, catalyze bold climate action by all, and promote smart policy frameworks. -... Läs mer»
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The Haga Initiative sets new climate targets – fossil free until 2030

Pace of emission redcutions has been much faster than anticipated Since its start six years ago, the Haga Initiative has been working towards the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent until 2020. At the time, the pledge was ambitious, however the pace of reductions has been... Läs mer»

The immediate need for a zero emissions strategy

The Haga Initiativet have launched a new report; “Business tackling climate change – when is it not profitable?”. The report highlights the main challenges to reach the goal of emissions close to zero by 2030. Furthermore, the report shows the need of policy that focuses on investments and the cost-efficient... Läs mer»

Interview: Göran Holm, CEO, HKScan

Congratulations on the development of new climate targets for HKScan! Can you tell us more about these targets? - Our climate goal is to reduce our impact in terms of emissions by -95% by 2030 compared to when we started in 2003. The target includes emissions from our productions sites,... Läs mer»

Interview: Lars Ronnås, Swedish Ambassador for Climate Change

The Paris agreement came into force on November 4 – what’s next in the process of turning the agreement into action? - In terms of negotiations, it’s about developing the rulebook necessary to review every state’s established national contribution to reach the targets of the agreement. The agreement is arranged... Läs mer»
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Interview: Isabella Lövin, minister for climate (Green Party)

The countries of the world will meet again during the climate meeting COP22 in Marrakesh. What has happened since Paris? - The climate agreement in Paris marked the starting point of major efforts, especially on the ground where countries needed to implement climate action to deliver the agreement, but also... Läs mer»

Interview: Kristofer Sundsgård, new CEO of Stena Recycling

In what way can Stena Recycling contribute to the climate transition? - The role of recycling from a climate perspective is huge. Our core business is finding the most resource efficient way to use industrial rest products and to increase the amount of material that can be used in several... Läs mer»