Ein Rotordurchmesser von 130 Metern und eine Leistung von 3,3 Megawatt machen die neue Siemens SWT-3.3-130 zur ersten Wahl an Binnenstandorten mit mittlerem bis schwachem Windverhältnissen.

The rotor diameter of 130 meters and electrical generating capacity of 3.3 megawatts make Siemens’ new Model SWT-3.3-130 wind turbine the preferred choice for onshore sites with moderate to low wind speeds.


Siemens is a global company working with innovative solutions for intelligent infrastructure, sustainable energy, efficient production and healthcare through electrification, automation and digitalization. In fiscal 2015 Siemens generated revenue of €75.6 billion had around 348,000 in over 200 countries. In Sweden, Siemens was founded in 1893 and has approximately 4,200 employees at 40 different locations with headquarters in Upplands Väsby. The last fiscal year (2015) Siemens in Sweden generated revenue about 19 billion SEK. Read more at Siemens.se. 

9 August, 2016

Climate targets
Siemens has set itself the target of becoming the first big industrial company to reach a CO2-neutral operation by the year 2030. By 2020, the emissions of greenhouse gases from its own operations should be cut to half (base year 2014).

How will the targets be achieved?
Investments in the following three areas will contribute to reduce the CO2-emissions and until 2030, eliminate Siemens carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Measures to improve energy efficiency at our production facilities and offices
  • Invest in low-emission vehicles and extended charging infrastructure for Siemens global vehicle fleet
  • A cleaner energy mix by increasing the share of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power

Siemens is also offering environmentally friendly technologies to their customers helping them reduce their emissions. During fiscal 2015 the environmental portfolio accounted for 43 percent of Siemens revenues and helped their customers to reduce their CO2-emissions with 487 million tons, which represents half of Germany’s emissions of carbon dioxide.

Maria Baldin, Communications and Sustainability Manager, Siemens


To solve many challenges of climate change, technical solutions is often needed and then Siemens can be involved and make a difference. But to really succeed it requires a balance between financial, social and environmental responsibility and teamwork between companies, academia and politics. This is where the Haga Initiative makes a difference, a corporate network that together wants to influence and make it better.


Maria Baldin

Communications and Sustainability Manager