Lantmännen is one of the Nordic area’s largest groups within agriculture, machinery, energy and food. Lantmännen’s brands include AXA, Kungsörnen, GoGreen, Hatting, Schulstad and Gooh. Lantmännen is owned by 32,000 Swedish farmers, operates in around 20 countries, and has approximately 8,500 employees and turnover of around SEK 33 billion. The company was founded on knowledge and values that go back generations among its owners. Access to research, development and operations throughout the chain means that Lantmännen can shoulder responsibility from field to fork.


17 October, 2011

Climate targets
Lantmännen has adopted a proactive and clear target: between 2009 and 2020 carbon dioxide emissions must reduce by 40% in relation to value added. The interim target for 2013 is15%. The target is restricted to transportation and energy use in own production.

How will the target be achieved?
Lantmännen’s production facilities process grain and other ingredients into foodstuffs, feeds and renewable fuels. Lantmännen is constantly working to improve energy efficiency and to convert fossil-fired systems to biofuel. Lantmännen has reduced its use of heating oil by around two thirds. They are also working on utilising residual products for energy production and works continually to optimise transport and to switch to greener fuels and methods of transport. The company has also placed greater emphasis on climate performance when buying electricity and heating. 

Lantmännen’s measurable climate target is restricted to energy use in own production and outsourced transportation. It is also working to reduce its climate impact at other stages, along with suppliers and customers.

Claes Johansson, Head of Sustainable Development

"Lantmännen climate work extends throughout the entire chain from farm to table and we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to provide solutions to the necessary transition to sustainable energy and food production."


Claes Johansson

Head of Sustainable Development