McDonald’s is Sweden’s largest restaurant chain, with around 220 restaurants and 435,000 customers daily. McDonald’s employs approximately 12,000 people, making it Sweden’s largest private employer of young people. Just over 80% of the restaurants are run locally by owner/operators. The restaurants offer more than 400 different possible meal combinations as well as high quality ingredients such as 100% additive-free beef, organic milk from Arla, eco-labelled MSC certified fish and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans. More than 1,000 Swedish farmers supply ingredients to McDonald’s, which is the restaurant sector’s largest buyer of Swedish beef. McDonald’s has been working for many years on sustainable development from farm to table and in recycling.

15 January, 2013

Climate targets
McDonald’s has a target of a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 in relation to the number of customers, from its base year of 2010. The emissions included in this emissions target are scope 1, scope 2 and business travel in scope 3. A further goal is to achieve 95% renewable fuel for deliveries of ingredients to restaurants by 2020.

How will the targets be achieved?
Emissions reductions are to be achieved through McDonald’s continuing to choose energy-efficient equipment such as CO2sensors that control ventilation based on the number of customers, LED lighting, energy efficient fryers, etc. To date, McDonald’s has reduced its direct emissions by 39% in relation to the number of customers since 2010. This is due to energy efficiency measures and increasing numbers of restaurants buying renewable electricity. McDonald’s is working on continued reductions in its carbon emissions by 2020 through improved waste disposal and energy efficiency.

Deliveries to the restaurants are increasingly being transported using rapeseed methyl ester (RME). In 2013 the trucks ran on approximately 84% renewable fuel. As a result of RME replacing diesel, carbon emissions are around 690 tonnes lower than if the trucks ran only on diesel.

Henrik Nerell, Environmental Manager

At McDonald´s we have a long tradition of working with sustainability from soil to fork and recycling. As a member of the Haga Initiative we can exchange ideas and experiences with other companies and strengthen our efforts regarding our climate work even more.


Henrik Nerell

Environmental Manager