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Stena Recycling is part of the Stena Metall Group. The group includes another four companies with operations in Sweden. These companies form part of the greenhouse gas emissions disclosure, in order to illustrate all the group’s climate actions. Stena Metall is an international group that collects, processes and recycles metals, paper, plastics, electronic waste and hazardous waste. The group also includes production of aluminium from recycled raw materials, deliveries of steel products, financial operations and global trading in steel, metals and oil. The Swedish business employs 1,800 people and has turnover of around SEK 11,025 million. The group has 240 facilities in total, of which 100 are in Sweden.

10 March, 2011

Climate targets
The Stena Metall Group’s Swedish business has an overall target of a 40% reduction in climate impact by 2020 compared with 2008.

How will the target be achieved?
The group is investing major resources in technology development projects in order to increase the share of waste that can be recycled into usable materials rather than being recycled into energy or going to landfill. In the fragmentation facilities – plants that separate materials in order to obtain purer fractions – waste residues arise that consist primarily of plastics, rubber and textiles from interior car parts. Using new technology, today a number of these plastics can be separated out and the materials recycled. Along with its partners, solutions have also been developed for recycling other waste into energy instead of going to landfill. Today this waste is replacing coal at a number of cement furnaces. Another example is investigating how the group can use existing landfills as a mine and using new knowledge to recycle materials that could not previously be recycled. Systematic work on transport optimisation and energy efficiency measures are also important in reaching the climate target.

Cecilia Våg, Sustainability Manager

We want to see our environmental efforts in a broader context and learn from others.

Stena Recycling

Cecilia Våg

Sustainability Manager